Eazy Care is the trading name of Eazy Innovations C.I.C, which is a Social Enterprise. Eazy Care is based in the London Borough of Camden and provides domiciliary care of the highest quality to individuals within their homes. Our service is to provide practical support to ensure and enhance the quality of life for individuals with different types of health conditions and needs. We recognize the complexity of multiple health conditions or impairments and, therefore, can provide personalized service to meet the needs of the individual.
We acknowledge and understand the cultural and ethnic diversity of our clients and aim to deliver services that are inclusive and sensitive to our client's diverse needs and backgrounds.

Our Mission
To provide a high-quality care service that is consistent, reliable and puts the needs of the individual first.

Our Vision
To create quality care that is at the forefront of delivering services based on integrity, reliability and dignity. We strive to become an integral part of the community and benefit the industry and the local area by continuously developing our business and the services we provide.

Our Aims and Objectives
Provide high-quality care that is consistent, safe, and reliable and tailored to meets the needs of our service users.
Promote independent living by working within the client's scope of capabilities.
Treat service users as individuals, this is vital to our philosophy of care. We believe in treating everyone that uses our service with the same respect and dignity.
Ensure that confidential information is at all times, protected and only shared with others in strict accordance with its policy on confidentiality.
Develop and maintain a highly skilled and driven personnel of carers that are skilled and experienced in all areas of care.

Our Principles

  • Adhere to Equal Opportunities
  • Respect diversity and culture
  • Prioritise protection of personal information
  • Apply a person-centred approach when supporting service users
  • Promote empowerment of service users
  • Provide care under individual's customised care plan
  • Conduct and be aware of risk assessments

Our Values

  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Transparency
  • Equality
  • Commitment
  • Respect
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